Top 10 Greatest Heat Defenders ranked by Defensive Box Plus/Minus (DPM)

These players recorded the highest Defensive Box Plus/Minus ratings in Miami Heat franchise history.
Portland Trail Blazers v Miami Heat
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1. LeBron James - 1.9

2013 was a special year for LeBron "King" James. He was one vote away from becoming the first unanimous MVP in league history, and he should have won Defensive Player of the Year. This was LeBron at his peak abilities. The term is thrown around a lot, but LeBron could guard one through five.

You could tell James to guard one through four for an entire game and not sweat. He could switch on to bigs and stuff them at the rim, but it would've been more of a challenge guarding a five for the entirety of the game. But small guards? They had no chance when they were in James' clutches.

He single-handedly eliminated MVP Derrick Rose from the 2011 Eastern Conference Finals. At six feet nine inches and 260 pounds, while being the best athlete in the league, LeBron hounded Drose over five games. Rose shot well below his usual efficiency, and the credit goes to LeBron. He stepped up and accepted the challenge. 

Tony Parker suffered the same fate late in games during the 2013 NBA Finals. That was a legendary series mainly remembered by Ray Allen's icy clutch corner three that tied the game, but LeBrons' defense on the quick-bursting Tony Parker is to be commended. 

With his overpowered agility and build-a-character strength, he could stay with wings and guards. He slid his feet well and bumped you off your spot when he beat you there with his massive body.

Again, when you factor in accomplishments and Heat longevity, Bam Adebayo will go down as the first or second-best defender in Heat history. But it's a bold statement to say anyone in Heat history has had a better defensive peak than the kid from Akron.

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