Top 10 Greatest Heat Defenders ranked by Defensive Box Plus/Minus (DPM)

These players recorded the highest Defensive Box Plus/Minus ratings in Miami Heat franchise history.
Portland Trail Blazers v Miami Heat
Portland Trail Blazers v Miami Heat / Lauren Sopourn/GettyImages
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9. Eddie Jones - 1.3

This may be a surprising name to some, but the lanky Eddie Jones always knew how to move his feet. He could glide in step with the best of them laterally. Not only did Jones have footwork that boxers envy, but he also had Pacquiao-quick hands. He would steal the ball and be up the floor before offensive players could process what happened. 

If you were careless with the ball around him, he would quickly pick your pocket and force a turnover. Jones was also skilled at reading passing lanes, making it difficult for opposing teams to take possessions off when he was on the floor. 

His defensive capabilities were so impressive that even Michael Jordan, widely considered the greatest basketball player of all time, showed respect and admiration for him.