Top 10 Greatest Heat Defenders ranked by Defensive Box Plus/Minus (DPM)

These players recorded the highest Defensive Box Plus/Minus ratings in Miami Heat franchise history.
Portland Trail Blazers v Miami Heat
Portland Trail Blazers v Miami Heat / Lauren Sopourn/GettyImages
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8. Bruce Bowen - 1.4

When the name Bruce Bowen is uttered, three things may cross one's mind: corner 3s, dirty plays, or the Spurs dynasty. He was one of the first 3-D NBA players or one of the first to popularize the term. He had his share of dirty plays, but he was an overall chaos agent who was a valuable asset everywhere he played.

Bowen spent only one entire season with the Heat. He played his first NBA minutes in South Beach but only appeared in one game during the 1997 season. He made this list based on his play in 2001 when he was named Second-Team All-Defense. Bowen cut off drivers like Kcamp in his prime.

It was nearly impossible to get past Bowen's closeouts. He had an impeccable ability to slide his feet, anticipate his opponents' moves, and make their lives miserable. He made some of the best scorers on the planet work harder than most.