Top 10 Greatest Heat Defenders ranked by Defensive Box Plus/Minus (DPM)

These players recorded the highest Defensive Box Plus/Minus ratings in Miami Heat franchise history.
Portland Trail Blazers v Miami Heat
Portland Trail Blazers v Miami Heat / Lauren Sopourn/GettyImages
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5. Bam Adebayo - 1.7

The only surprising thing about Bam Adebayo's addition to this list is his placement. He'll go down as the first or second-best Heat defender of all time, but DPM doesn't reflect that just yet.

There isn't a coverage Bam can't perfectly run defensively. Do you have a killer wing that's lighting up Miami? Bam will switch onto him and end his fun. You can't shoot tough midrange shots? Bam has shown he's elite in drop coverage, too, baiting said player into difficult long twos. 

Bam communicates like a general at war. His teammates won't get crack-backed by unexpected screens when Bam is on the court. He's made four (going on five) All-Defensive teams in his brief career. He's going to rack up many defensive accolades. When the world wakes up, he'll get the big one, too—the coveted Defensive Player of the Year.