11 Center targets for Heat at veteran minimum in 2024 NBA free agency

From proven veterans to buy-low upside plays, here at 11 centers the Miami Heat could target in free agency this summer.
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6-7, Long and Stretch Specialists: Bol Bol and Mo Bamba

These two guys would give the Heat some much-needed length and size and could play next to Adebayo, though it'd be best to reserve them for the bench. The way they can intensify a defense and shoot the ball makes them potential targets for a team that needs both.

Sixth on the list is the polarizing Bol Bol. Bol hasn't had a real opportunity to discover who he is as a player on the floor. From getting no minutes in Denver to having some flashes but minute troubles in Orlando to being on that mess of a Phoenix team, it's been chaos for the 24-year-old center. This isn't to parrot Shaquille O'Neal and say he could be Victor Wembanyama, but he's such a unique player, that you can't help but wonder what some Heat Culture could do.

He's not securing the 2025 championship, but if he works out that'd give the Heat so much versatility on both floors which they need badly. He is rough around the edges, but he's young and with this apparent youth movement in Miami, would it be so bad to give him a shot? We've seen the older prospects burn out so why not get some young blood in there? Again, polarizing but we've seen the Heat buy low and try to recoup the players, why not do it with Bol who has that potential?

Next is a more proven player, but is still a younger guy who can help now, and it's Mo Bamba. Again, he's not someone who will save the franchise, but you don't need that. Having Adebayo exit the floor and having the 7-foot Bamba step on the floor and stretch it on offense while shrinking it on defense is an enticing idea.

He had his moments last year backing up Joel Embiid but battled with Paul Reed over the starting spot when Embiid went down. Reed is a better player so it doesn't hurt Bamba's stock too much, but the question is can the Heat take what Bamba learned in that role and use it to help cover the hole with Adebayo out? He's an unrestricted free agent and it'd be interesting to see, as the Heat haven't worked with a player with his skillset.