2 Best-Case, 1 worst-case scenario for Heat draft pick Pelle Larsson

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Worst-case scenario: Kyle Singler

Kyle Singler had a great college career at Duke but his NBA career wasn’t anything like college. Singler struggled to shoot the ball at the next level and couldn’t keep up defensively.

Some guys are good college players whose games don't translate to the NBA. However, I don’t think Larsson will have that problem. Larsson has more range and is a better athlete and is quick enough to defend on the perimeter.

If Larsson doesn’t work on having a quicker release, getting his shot off will be hard. Miami's coaching staff has done wonders with worse shooting strokes.

Out of the three scenarios, Larsson has the potential to be like Grayson Allen. On paper, they have a lot of similar traits and play alike. Allen was the best three-point shooter in the league this past season. If Larsson can be one of the better shooters in the league who can make plays off the dribble and defend his position, then Miami has a steal.

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