2 Heat players who improved their trade value, 1 whose value went down

How will the Miami Heat's young players be viewed on the trade market this offseason?
New York Knicks v Miami Heat
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With the Miami Heat's season ending there's a lot of speculation over whether or not Miami will make a trade to shake up the roster. The Heat have a couple of young guys who improved their trade value. Both had a successful regular season and showed flashes in the postseason, which will improve their trade value.

But will the Heat be open to trading young players in a win-now move? If they are, it's worth exploring a few players whose value rose this season and one whose value has fallen.

Jamie Jaquez Jr. ⬆️

After a fantastic rookie season, Jamie Jaquez Jr.'s name will be in trade rumors this off-season because Miami had a down year, and expectations are high. Jaquez also had a promising playoff before his injury. It is a bonus to have a rookie play well in the playoffs.

Jaquez can fit on any team in the league and fill multiple roles. He can bring the ball up and pass and is among the few Miami players who scored consistently in transition. Jaquez displayed good footwork as a rookie and can finish around the rim. He's working on becoming a more consistent three-point shooter, especially from the corners. Jaquez was an average defender as a rookie but most expect he'll develop on that end.

Miami should not give up Jaquez in a trade unless it's for a top player. In some ways, Jaquez reminds me of Carron Butler. Drafted in 2002, Butler was a guy that the Heat loved but ultimately dealt him for Shaquille O'Neal. Of course, the Heat went on to win a championship in 2006 with Shaq and a young Dwyane Wade. If the right player is on the market, Riley has shown a willingness to trade promising young players for a chance to compete for a title.