2 Heat players who improved their trade value, 1 whose value went down

How will the Miami Heat's young players be viewed on the trade market this offseason?
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Nikola Jovic ⬆️

Nikola Jovic's development was the best thing about this past season. Jovic didn't get much playing time to start the year, let alone have a role on the team. But, by the end of the season, he was Miami's starting power forward and looks to be the future starting power forward.

There is a lot to like in Jovic's game, such as his size, ability to push the ball on the break, shoot and handle. Jovic is also a good passer as well and made significant strides defensively.

Jovic, like Jaquez, showed this past postseason that he could play in the playoffs. The 20-year-old could be the subject of incoming trade calls from teams looking to scoop him up in the event that Miami wants to make a win-now move.

Again, I would be open to trading him for the right deal, but Miami should not look to trade him. Miami has a young starter at power forward who only has room to improve. His trade value went up during this year, but that doesn't mean Miami should look to trade Jovic.