2 Heat players who deserve more minutes, 1 player who should rest

Miami Heat v Sacramento Kings
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With the playoffs right around the corner, the Miami Heat are in a great position to climb the East standings. This current Miami team is deeper than last year’s team, but a deeper team means playing time is harder to come by.

The Heat have some guys who deserve more playing time but you can't play everyone. There are also some players who could use some rest down the stretch to be as fresh as possible for the playoffs.

Here are two players who deserve more playing time and another whose minutes should be monitored over the next few weeks.

Delon Wright deserves more minutes

Delon Wright, when he has played, has made his impact felt, especially on the defensive end.

Wright has quick hands that lead to steals and deflections. He can pressure the opposing ball handler, making it difficult for the opposing team to set up their offense. Offensively, Wright can get Miami into sets and knock down the open three. He went 2 for 4 from distance in his first game and shoots 35% from beyond the arc for his career.

When Wright enters the game, he gives Miami more possessions due to his defensive ability. Miami has a lot of good defenders, but they don’t have a guy off the bench that can cause turnovers consistently.

Wright hasn't played in Miami's last three games. It's not like he is a zero on offense and he provides good perimeter defense. Wright should get 10 minutes a game.