2 Heat players who deserve more minutes, 1 player who should rest

Miami Heat v Sacramento Kings
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Kevin Love needs to be saved for playoffs

Kevin Love has had a great year so far. He looks to be in excellent shape this season and looks stronger, but he's currently on the injury report with a bruised heel.

This got me thinking: Miami needs to rest Love for the season's final stretch. When he returns from injury, the Heat should manage his minutes. Love was a big factor in Miami's playoff run last season and it will need that from Love again this postseason.

Love’s ability to stretch the floor, be a good team defender, and battle for rebounds is something Love does well. Miami doesn’t have another guy like Love on the roster.

Love has settled into a role as Miami’s backup center and he has thrived. While the other options -- Thomas Bryant and Orlando Robinson -- haven't inspired much confidence, they haven't been bad enough to warrant forcing Love back into the mix before he's ready.

The Heat need to make sure Love is well-rested going into the playoffs. Love will be banging down low to fight for rebounds and, depending on the matchup, will have to defend the post, which Love has done a great job using his strength to stay in his position.

If the Heat are expecting another deep playoff run, having a healthy and able Love will be important in those later rounds.