2 Reasons why Jared McCain is a perfect fit for the Miami Heat

Jared McCain is as fearless as they come. On and off the court.
NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament - Second Round - James Madison v Duke
NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament - Second Round - James Madison v Duke / Sarah Stier/GettyImages

"Opposites attract" is one of the oldest sayings in human history. The quiet man and the assertive wife are an appealing pairing. The opposites keep each other balanced as they pick up where the other lacks. As quiet as it's kept, these "opposites" usually have micro similarities that might go unnoticed.

Jared McCain getting drafted to the Miami Heat would be seen through the lens of the opposites coming together. McCain is a joyous young man who does not wish to fit into societal norms. He is a TikTok sensation because of his song choices and the dance moves he breaks out. McCain breaks societal norms by painting his nails in a multitude of colors. Painting one's nails is associated with feminity here in the West. Still, McCain won't succumb to that pressure to fit in. The Miami Heat is seen as a gritty, no-nonsense organization.

At first glance, McCain and the Heat would be a frictional fit, but McCain has more Heat Culture qualities than expected.

Jared McCain's fearlessness and shotmaking make him an ideal Heat player at pick no. 15

First things first, Jared McCain is fearless. His pursuit of happiness and the journey of being one's true self is not easy, and a coward would not take such a challenging path. Pat Riley and the rest of the Heat organization respect fearless competitors.

McCain is fearless off the court and displays the same combative bravado shot after shot on the hardwood. He's an unconscious shooter with a much-needed short-term memory. In his lone season at Duke, McCain shot 41% on six three-point attempts. The ability to take and make big shots with bodies draped all over you is no challenge to McCain.

McCain's confidence shooting stop-and-pop triples on the break is not something fearful players have in their bag. He plays like a coach's son, knowing he won't get taken out for taking brass shots; that's a positive. Heat Culture is built on the grand idea that hard work and toughness mitigate a lack of talent. Luckily for Miami, McCain possesses all three traits.

His potential fit with Terry Rozier or Tyler Herro in the backcourt is wonky. They're all relatively undersized guards who would be laser-targeted defensively. The questions on that side of the court have merit in McCain's case, but he showed how hard he's willing to work at Duke. He improved throughout the season at Duke defensively and with the ball in his hands.

McCain is a knockdown shooter on the catch. His flaming catch-and-shoot shot has led some to believe he can't create for himself or others. Some scouting reports claim McCain needs to stick to his strengths, but the ability to create with the ball in your hands is essential for an elite NBA guard.

Blue Devil fans saw McCain improve in the pick-and-roll as the season went on. Though McCain's handles are questionable at the NBA level, he still showcases the ability to make many passes, including off-hand skip passes and pocket passers to short rollers in the pick and roll. That skill will greatly help in Miami, as hitting Bam Adebayo on the short roll will be a staple of the Heat's offense moving forward.

That passing ability, paired with his 30-foot range, stretches out defenses in a way that will surely aid the Heat's brutal-to-watch offense.