2024 NBA Mock Draft: Heat proactively address obvious team needs

The Miami Heat have two picks in the top 43 and a chance to add some much-needed depth in this month’s NBA draft.
Miami Heat v Utah Jazz
Miami Heat v Utah Jazz / Alex Goodlett/GettyImages
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Heat draft haul

  • 15th overall: Ja’Kobe Walter
  • 43rd overall: Adem Bona

The Heat filled positions of need on the perimeter with Walter and at center with Bona. Both players fit with Bam Adebayo and, if he’s still on the team, Jimmy Butler. Walter projects as more of a plug-and-play option who can earn minutes on the wing, space the floor and compete defensively. Bona, at 21, is an ideal mentee for Adebayo.

Do either of them have star potential? Draft experts have their doubts, but the Heat might not be looking to find their star in this draft. Because of their position against the second tax apron, the Heat will be limited as to what kind of free agents they can add this season. Besides veteran minimum contracts, the draft might be Miami’s best chance to round out the depth chart.

Perhaps the Heat can take a bigger swing with guys like USC’s Isaiah Collier, Duke’s Jared McCain or Purdue’s Zach Edey. Only they know how much they believe in their ceilings. But Walter and Bona represent safe picks.

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