3 'Bad contracts' the Heat could trade for, including Warriors star

Atlanta Hawks v Miami Heat - Game Five
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Jerami Grant, forward, Portland Trail Blazers

What are the odds that Miami's front office will call the Portland Trail Blazers this offseason to see if they can strike a deal? After last year's clown show from Blazers GM Joe Croin, I don't think Miami will call Portland while Croin is still there.

But if calmer heads prevail, maybe Miami and Portland could discuss a deal for Jerami Grant. Grant is a long-winged player who can play either forward position. He can do a little bit of everything offensively—he can put the ball on the floor and stretch to the three-point line. He's also a strong one-on-one defender.

The downside to Grant is that he has a huge contract: Four years left at $131 million. That is a pretty penny to spend on a player who is good to have on your team but isn't the star he's paid to be.