3 Buyout candidates the Miami Heat can target after quiet trade deadline

Detroit Pistons v Washington Wizards
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Danilo Gallinari

Danilo Gallinari
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The Heat nearly traded for Gallinari in 2020 and the two sides could potentially come to an agreement four years later. Gallinari is not the same player he was then, but can still provide size and spacing in the frontcourt.

At 35, Gallinari is a career 38% 3-point shooter and decent passer for his position. He’s still productive, having scored 50 points in the only 79 minutes he’s played for the Pistons. With Detroit’s season going nowhere, it could make sense to negotiate a buyout of Gallinari’s $6.8 million salary.

Gallinari wouldn’t start for the Heat but he’d be a true power forward that they could turn to in certain matchups or even some playoff minutes. He’d also be a good example for 20-year-old Nikola Jovic – who has drawn comparisons to Gallinari – to learn from.