3 Heat draft targets who would push Bam Adebayo to power forward

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The Miami Heat will select 15th overall in June's draft. While they have usually selected the best player available, this year's draft could provide a chance to find a long-term option at center who could even help Bam Adebayo move to the power forward position.

Here are three prospects who could make sense if the Heat want to add that option to Erik Spoelstra's menu.

Kel'el Ware

Indiana's Kel'el Ware is one of the biggest sleepers in the draft. Ware is impressive in size, standing 7 feet tall. Right off the bat, Ware has the size to move Bam Adebayo to the power forward position. Ware has a lot of tools offensively. He shot 73% at the rim and has good touch and footwork around the rim. Ware has a good post-move and has counters as well.

Ware could be an excellent 3-point shooter, as he shot 42.5 percent from 3-point range on 40 attempts last season. Also, Ware is a 7-footer who shot 57.1 percent on all catch-and-shoot jumpers via Stats Perform. Ware has playmaking ability as well. He finds the open man and has good touch when he throws back-door passes.

Defensively, Ware has good tools and can protect the rim (1.9 blocks per game). He did not get asked a lot to switch onto guards on the perimeter in college but has the athleticism to do it at the next level. Ware is a vertical threat as well.

Ware and Adebayo would be a good fit on both ends of the floor, and Ware's ability to defend the rim would allow Adebayo to defend more often in space.