3 Miami Heat players who can win an NBA award next season

Some Miami Heat players have earned reputable accomplishments over the years. Their team has a lot of talent capable of winning NBA awards, but who should be considered for them the most?
Chicago Bulls v Miami Heat - Play-In Tournament
Chicago Bulls v Miami Heat - Play-In Tournament / Rich Storry/GettyImages
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2. Tyler Herro: Most Improved Player of the Year

Although it has been a rather steady increase, Tyler Herro is someone who has gotten better each season he has played. His unfortunate injury issues over the years have halted him from achieving his first All-Star nod and more significant jumps in his statistical performance. If Herro can string together a fully healthy season, the sky's the limit for what the young 24-year-old combo guard can accomplish. Heat fans saw a recent glimpse of his potential during their play-in win against the Chicago Bulls, where he finished with a 24/10/9 near triple-double.

He is such a talented offensive player who can score at all three levels. His playmaking abilities for himself and others always make him an asset, when healthy. Given all the injuries he has suffered over recent years, Herro is due for a fully healthy campaign. If he is given that opportunity, there should be no doubt that this player can make a significant jump in his all-around game.