3 Heat players who are sure to be out of the playoff rotation

The Miami Heat are loaded with depth when healthy, with an argument that 10-12 guys are capable of being in the team's rotation heading into the playoffs.
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1. Orlando Robinson

Orlando Robinson
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For a team like the Miami Heat who have always lacked size, a player like Orlando Robinson could have always been huge. There were glimpses of some really strong play from the undrafted big man last season.

Unfortunately, he hasn’t been given much of any regular chances this season. Spoelstra has been occasionally using him as insurance whenever Bam Adebayo or Kevin Love aren’t available. Even with Love unavailable the last stretch of games due to a heel injury, it’s been Thomas Bryant getting the call over Robinson.

Robinson could be a player who can impact the game positively, especially in a bench role at the very least. The problem is that he has shown he is still very raw at the age of 23. He often commits too many fouls, gets beat defensively, or is prone to turnovers. In regards to Bryant getting insurance minutes over him throughout the season, Robinson doesn’t bring the same energy and intensity. The way to earn some big man minutes as an unproven young player is to make those energy plays. Such as loose ball efforts, blocking shots, offensive rebounding and being in the right positions offensively for easy buckets.

Although someone who can develop under the Heat’s system, the limited experience Robinson has as a regular rotation piece for Miami makes him the most unlikely to get playoff minutes.