3 Miami Heat players with a legit shot to win an NBA award

The All-Star break is behind us and award season is amongst us. Three Miami Heat players are in contention for various awards, but will any of them win?
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Rookie of the Year

Jaime Jaquez Jr.
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Rookie of the Year was debatable, depending on what you value. Victor Wembanyama has been a better individual player, but Chet Holmgren is contributing to winning more. Both are deserving, but Wemby is the front-runner. It's hard to influence winning as a rookie. Wemby would rack up more wins playing alongside an MVP front-runner like Shai Gilgeous-Alexander.

If the race is over outside these two skilled behemoths, where does that leave "Rook-Vet" Jamie Jaquez Jr.? The All-Rookie first team is nothing to sneeze at. Only six Heat players reached those heights. Charlotte Hornets' Brandon Miller -- a Paul George clone -- has emerged as of late, challenging Jaquez for the third-best rookie. 

Jaquez is set to join the Rookie First Team if his stellar play continues. Scoot Henderson will start the rest of the year for Portland, so things could get interesting, considering other standout rookies like Dereck Lively II and Brandin Podziemski.

If Jaquez can recreate the magic he had during his breakout 14-game stretch in December (14 PPG, 48 FG%), he has nothing to worry about. The crafty tap-dancing post-player (1.09 PPP on post-ups) has been a breath of fresh air. He will be in the Heat's playoff rotation as they make this final push.