3 Biggest Heat X-factors for the playoffs, including 1 surprise

New York Knicks v Miami Heat
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1. Haywood Highsmith

Haywood Highsmith is Miami's biggest X-factor going to the postseason.

Highsmith has shot the ball exceptionally well as of late and, if you have some time, watch Highsmith's defense on Jalen Bruson from last week's win. Highsmith did a fantastic job not biting on Bruson's upfakes and herky-jerky play style. If he can do that, Highsmith can defend anyone on the perimeter, which is a huge asset to have come playoff time.

Add that to his confidence in shooting the three, and it will be hard for Erik Spoelstra to take Highsmith out of any game. Highsmith is precisely what you want as an X-factor. He doesn't need the ball in his hands and finds a way to impact the game.

Offensively Highsmith can shoot from the corners and has been more willing to let it fly from above the break. He's also good at moving without the ball cutting backdoor for a layup.

There's a chance Highsmith could be the Caleb Martin of this postseason -- a breakout role player -- if he keeps defending and making threes at this level.

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