3 Bold Heat predictions for this season that went terribly wrong

With the regular season coming to a close, we go over a few preseason Miami Heat predictions that went wrong.
Miami Heat v Milwaukee Bucks
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2. Tyler Herro will earn his first All-Star selection

Tyler Herro was predicted to become a first time NBA All-Star this season from the Locked On Heat podcast. This was a reasonable prediction to have going into the year, considering Herro was positioned for a prove-it type of year. 

Heat fans all saw him get promoted to the starting lineup a season ago and his individual statistics all took a jump. His usage went up and he looked really promising in the first half of game one in the first round Milwaukee Bucks series before suffering a season-ending hand injury diving for a loose ball. Miami went on to make the Finals without him, but he was severely missed against the powerhouse Denver Nuggets in trying to match with their talent. 

He had an encouraging summer filled with working on his game and being determined to come back stronger. Unfortunately, Herro has missed extended time in two different stints along with other minor injuries that kept him out of games this season, halting any opportunity to prove his worth and all-star stock. 

Herro undoubtedly has the talent and potential to get to this point of that status, but the best ability is availability. After Herro’s return from his most recent lengthy absence against the Rockets, the Heat are 8-1 in the last nine games he has played in. 

His impact as an elite playmaker and scorer in this league will always keep those all-star hopes alive, but not this year.