3 Non-stars who pose a big problem for the Heat in the East playoffs

Indiana Pacers v Miami Heat
Indiana Pacers v Miami Heat / Megan Briggs/GettyImages
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From J.J. Barea, Danny Green and Patty Mills, the Miami Heat have a history of a non-star player hurting them in the playoffs.

The list could go on but, hopefully, that will not be the case for Miami's playoff run this year. That said, I think some guys could give Miami some problems down the road. Here are a few players to look out for.

Buddy Hield

Since getting drafted in 2016, Buddy Hield has been one of the league's better 3-point shooters. Hield can hit the 3 in a variety of ways, from shooting off the catch to moving without the ball. He is a tricky player to contain and how he plays for a potential playoff opponent after the Philadelphia 76ers traded for him before the deadline.

Philadelphia, when healthy, is a hard team to defend. Tyrese Maxey has made another leap this year. Maxey attacking the rim is a nightmare for many teams and his rim pressure could cause Miami to over-help, leaving Hield alone from beyond the arc, which would be dangerous.

If Joel Embiid can return to his MVP form this year or even close to it, the Embiid/Hield duo would be an underrated one-two punch. It would be similar to when JJ Reddick played for Philadelphia and had a tremendous two-man game with Embiid. If Miami were to play Philadelphia in the postseason, I would be worried about Hield finding ways to hurt Miami.