3 Players the Heat might replace Kyle Lowry with by the trade deadline

If Kyle Lowry isn't the answer at point guard, the Miami Heat should explore replacing him before the trade deadline.
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Spencer Dinwiddie
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Spencer Dinwiddie, Brooklyn Nets

The second player that the Heat could pick up for Lowry actually is a hybrid guard. That dynamic guard is Spencer Dinwiddie. The Brooklyn Nets are the biggest go-to for role-player needs. Need a role player at literally any position? The Nets have you covered.

Jokes aside, the Nets are in a period where they have a lot of good basketball players who could play on contending teams and Dinwiddie is one of them. Theoretically, the Heat could pull off what the Lakers did last year at the deadline, giving up picks and expiring contracts to mediocre-rebuilding teams and in return receive that role player they're missing.

The Heat could put together a package of Lowry, Nikola Jovic and a first-round pick for Dinwiddie and someone like Dorrian Finney-Smith or Lonnie Walker. There are endless possibilities when it includes the Nets, but Dinwiddie could become a win-now player or possibly even a future point guard for the Heat.

They could grab him at a reduced price, and if the fit doesn't work, they can let him walk. They would be acquiring another player so as long as the other player fits into the scheme, Dinwiddie could be a one-year rental. If he fits, the Heat could still re-sign him to a cheaper deal due to his age (30).

Dinwiddie has seen a decrease in points and minutes but is still pushing the ball well averaging five assists with one turnover and shooting 41% from 3 on five attempts per game. With Dinwiddie having an expiring contract, this could turn out to be a win for the Heat.

You lose a defensive edge with Lowry gone even if he isn't the same defender as he once was, but Dinwiddie is an average to below-average defender who could give the Heat a huge offensive boost, which they tend to need at times.