3 Big problems the Miami Heat must fix to win the 2024 championship

New York Knicks v Miami Heat
New York Knicks v Miami Heat / Megan Briggs/GettyImages
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As the 2024 NBA Playoffs draw near, the Miami Heat are gearing up for another shot at the NBA championship. However, they need to clean up some issues to improve their chances of bringing a fourth title to South Beach.

The 2023-24 season for the Heat has certainly been a rollercoaster, as they've dealt with injuries, stretches of poor play, and fighting against an uber-competitive eastern conference, yet they're putting themselves in a position to avoid the play-in and get to the playoffs.

Making the playoffs is one thing, but winning an NBA championship is a whole other beast. So, to truly go all the way and win the title, here are key aspects they can focus on to position themselves for championship success.

1. Improve offensive efficiency

The biggest question for the Heat to answer is whether or not they can improve their offensive efficiency. Despite what others may think, their offensive process isn't a complete lost cause!

Currently, their offensive rating stands at 113.2, placing them 21st in the league. The only other playoff team that sits worse is the Orlando Magic at 23rd with a rating of 112.9. One thing these two teams have in common is that both are top five in defensive rating.

Looking at the Heat's runs in the Jimmy Butler era, the defense has always been good-to-great, while the offense can be hard to watch at times. This year with the addition of Terry Rozier and the offensive growth of Bam Adebayo and Tyler Herro, the offense shouldn't be running this poorly. So, why is that?

Well, one issue can bleed into another creating one big mess. One of these underlying issues is that the Heat don't generate enough three-point looks. They attempt an average of 37 three-point shots per game, with a shooting percentage of 37%. This may seem like a fair amount on paper, but how many are due to late clock heaves when the ball is stopping?

Part of why the Heat were so dangerous last year in the playoffs is due to the three-point shooting volume. Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo were getting to their spots and in the process, generating open looks for their guys. The offense wasn't perfect, but Butler and Adebayo were hitting guys in rhythm and shot-making can be contagious.

This season we've seen Butler take it a bit slower, but when the playoffs roll around, he should be back playing his game, driving and kicking along with his usual high-level scoring. Along with Butler being Butler, there are several ways to get guys open besides a drive and kick. Back-door screens, baseline cutting, and a healthy effective pick-and-roll diet. All the things we're accustomed to seeing in the postseason.