3 Big problems the Miami Heat must fix to win the 2024 championship

New York Knicks v Miami Heat
New York Knicks v Miami Heat / Megan Briggs/GettyImages
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2. The Heat still don't get to the rim enough

There's another issue when it comes to creating more efficient three-point looks. Getting to the paint is one thing, but if you can't finish around the rim, there's no point in sending help-side defenders. The Heat have the fewest attempts at the rim, by a wide margin with 1,590 shots (63.5%), the next closest being the Golden State Warriors with 1,590 (70%).

This means not only are you not getting to the rim, but you're not finishing that well either. As far as percentages rank, they rank seventh worst. The mid-range attempts have been killer this year, and the shot should serve as a counter to a defense, but when you shoot 37 percent from mid-range taking the 15th most attempts (760), it's a counter where you end up shooting yourself into the foot.

The Heat's two best players do live in the mid-range, but they don't have to if they have the right personnel. If you have Jimmy Butler leading a certain group, you want shooters on offense that move, and guys who can rotate quickly defensively and cause havoc. If you have Bam Adebayo, you want guards who can run the pick-and-roll along with guys who can cut to the basket.