3 Role players on losing teams who should wish to sign with the Heat this summer

The Miami Heat will be limited in cap space but they should still be able to find players capable of helping bolster their rotation this offseason.

Chicago Bulls v New Orleans Pelicans
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The Miami Heat are always looking for role players to develop, and an excellent way to find them is on bad teams.

Caleb Martin is the first to come to mind. Martin was on the Charlotte Hornets, a team often out of the playoffs by February at worst and mired in mediocrity at best.

Since the Heat won’t have a lot of cap space this off-season, perhaps they can attract talent by offering them a spot in a winning organization. Several players spent this season on a losing team who might be interested in coming to Miami knowing they can better develop their skills.

Here are three role players on losing teams the Miami Heat should attempt to sign this summer.

1. Andre Drummond

Andre Drummond has had a nice year as a backup for the Chicago Bulls. He's an old-school center who is a rebounding specialist at this stage in his career. Too often this year, the Heat have had a hard time rebounding when Bam Adebayo is out of the game. Drummond would solve that.

Drummond averages 3.5 offensive rebounds per game this season. Miami needs size, and Drummond provides that. At worst, Drummond can use his six fouls and bring a physicality to the game in his minutes. Like Adebayo, Drummond sets good screens and is an underrated passer.

Defensively, Drummond has lost a step, but as long as he does what he is supposed to -- boxing out, defending the post, and challenging guys at the rim -- he will be fine. In limited minutes, Drummond could provide Miami with the solution at backup center it has been looking for.