3 Stars on losing teams who should wish to sign with the Heat this summer

Depending on how this season ends, the Miami Heat could be star-hunting again this summer.
Miami Heat v New York Knicks - Game Two
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LeBron James 

LeBron James
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Ah, here is the real one when it comes to relationships and emotional attachment. LeBron James can opt out of his $50 million annual salary this summer and hit the free agent market. A lot of factors need to go into making this a reality and it’s by far the trickiest from a financial aspect, but the thought of James returning to the franchise where he earned his first-ever championships is storybook. This is an idea that has already been floated about by Bill Simmons and Nick Wright.

Wright even went ahead and claimed that a James-Miami Heat reunion is “the most perfect situation” for the superstar. It’s hard to really blame him for saying so, considering this Heat team has made two NBA Finals appearances and a game seven of an Eastern Conference finals over the past four seasons. A squad like Miami could put James in the best position to win a championship and end his legendary career the right way. He knows the system, coaching staff and front office very well. A James/Butler/Bam Adebayo trio would be the strongest core across the association for a year or two and help maximize Butler’s window.

Not to mention, the Bronny James situation could make it even more sentimental than anybody would ever dream of. Bronny, LeBron's son, could be draft-eligible as soon as this summer. It was recently reported by Bleacher Report that Bronny won’t be making his draft decision based on projected rankings, but by the best team fit out of those who express interest. Although Bronny isn't considered a high-ranked prospect, the Heat are famous for their developmental system. (ESPN's Brian Windhorst reported the Heat have indeed been scouting Bronny.)

LeBron has made it more than known that he is determined to finish his career playing alongside his son. What better way to do so than back at his old home in South Beach?