3 Trades the Heat can make after acquiring Terry Rozier

The Miami Heat might not be done...
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Obi Toppin

Obi Toppin
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Toppin’s role with the Pacers has dimmed since the start of the season and now, with Pascal Siakam taking over as the team’s star power forward, Toppin’s future in Indiana is murky.

The Pacers could swap Toppin’s offense for Martin’s defense. Getting Martin would give Indiana a playoff-tested defender who can run the floor with Tyrese Haliburton and fit within their system. He’s a great fit, who could be re-signed this summer.

If the Heat decide they need more help at power forward, Toppin is an intriguing buy-low candidate. The former eighth-overall pick hasn’t managed to find sustained success in New York or Indiana. 

In Miami, Toppin would provide some much-needed size and athleticism while helping to stretch the floor (40.8% from 3 this season). The Heat would have some work to do to get him up to speed defensively but, if they can turn Toppin’s career around, could have another success story on their hands.