3 Trades the Heat wish they would have made before the deadline

With the Heat's up-and-down season continuing, could another trade have helped them down the stretch for a playoff run?

Dallas Mavericks v Chicago Bulls
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DeMar DeRozan, Chicago Bulls

As the Chicago Bulls continue to wallow in their mediocrity, many people expected players like Zach Lavine and DeMar DeRozan to be moved ahead of the trade deadline. LaVine's season-ending injury closed the door on him being moved, but DeRozan could have been a huge pickup.

At 34, DeRozan is still one of the league’s premier true hoopers. He is averaging 23 points on strong shooting efficiency and is a proven closer. Sadly, he is wasting what is left of his career in a Bulls jersey. Chicago is currently in the play-in picture, but they shouldn’t be expected to make any noise come playoff time.

There were reports that, if the Bulls were to shop him, DeRozan preferred a deal to Miami. At the time, it was never a legitimate option for Miami considering any trade for the former All-Star would most certainly have had to involve Tyler Herro (who started the season strong) as the centerpiece.

Herro has only played in 36 games this season and there’s always a chance that his availability issues could impact this season’s playoff run. Swapping Herro for DeRozan would have been short-sighted, but there's little doubt that DeRozan would have been more impactful and available this season.

Maybe a DeRozan/Miami pairing is an idea that can resurface again when he becomes a free agent this summer.