3 Under-the-radar trade proposals to improve the Miami Heat’s title chances

Can the Miami Heat make a minor move that improves their championship chances?
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Power forward project

Obi Toppin
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Trade 3

Indiana gets: Caleb Martin
Miami gets: Obi Toppin

This is an offense-for-defense swap for both teams. 

Since the In-Season Tournament, the Pacers have switched up their starting lineup in an effort to improve their defense. That has moved Toppin to the bench. He still plays 20-plus minutes, but it’s clear that the Pacers don’t trust him to defend at a playoff level.

Getting Martin would give Indiana a playoff-tested defender who can run the floor with Tyrese Haliburton and fit within their system. He’s a great fit, who could be re-signed this summer.

The Heat would be punting on the opportunity to bring back Martin in exchange for Toppin, a former No. 8 overall pick who hasn’t managed to find sustained success in New York or Indiana. In Miami, Toppin would provide some much-needed length, size and shooting (40.8% from 3 this season) at the power forward position. The Heat would have some work to do to get him up to speed defensively but, if any coaching staff can turn Toppin into a serviceable defender, it’s this one.

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