4 Big Heat questions to kick off NBA trade season

Do the Miami Heat need to make a trade and, if so, what position should they be looking to upgrade?
Charlotte Hornets v Miami Heat
Charlotte Hornets v Miami Heat / Megan Briggs/GettyImages
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As the Miami Heat potentially explore ways to improve their roster this season, Dec. 15 is an important day in expanding those options. That’s because most contracts that were signed in the offseason become eligible to get traded. To kick off the unofficial start of trade season, the All U Can Heat staff got together to answer some of the biggest questions the Heat have and look at players that could fill an important need.

1. Let’s start here: Do you think the Heat need to make a move and, if so, what position should they be looking to upgrade?

António Dias: I still think the Heat should be looking for a point guard, preferably one that can defend the point of attack. The Heat continue to allow opposing guards to get into the paint at will. Kyle Lowry just doesn’t have the foot speed to keep up with them, and asking Haywood Highsmith to constantly do it leaves the team without many options to guard wings.

Max Marshall: Point guard, of course. It would help Miami to have a point guard that can defend his position at a high level.

Stephanie Meadows: The Heat's lineup still has its weaknesses, especially in terms of inconsistencies at the point guard position. If the team plans to make another adjustment, they should consider adding a player who can provide long-term stability to the position. Miami could also greatly benefit from adding a skilled and athletic forward with size and length to its starting lineup.