4 Big Heat questions to kick off NBA trade season

Do the Miami Heat need to make a trade and, if so, what position should they be looking to upgrade?
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2. What players that become trade-eligible on Dec. 15 should the Heat kick the tires on?

Dennis Smith Jr.
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Dias: Dennis Smith Jr. gives the Heat what they need at that position without needing the ball much, but it wouldn’t make much sense for the Nets to let him leave. The same happens with Jevon Carter. Aaron Holiday has his shortcomings (size, decision making) but could be a player the Heat look to develop in that position as a 3-and- D guy at a low cost.

Marshall: Dennis Smith Jr. was a guy I wanted Miami to sign over the summer. He fits the bill defensively. If any scrappy point guard is available, Miami should be looking to acquire him.

Meadows: Out of the players that become trade-eligible on Dec.15, the Heat should be looking for a point guard. Dennis Smith Jr. would be a good fit. During his rookie season, Smith Jr. averaged 15.2 points and 5.2 assists per contest in 69 games. He can not only be a help offensively but defensively as well. Smith has showcased his defensive prowess this season with the Nets. Most importantly, his keen playmaking skills are something the Heat would welcome. He defends at a high level, pushes the pace on offense, and fits the playmaker profile a team needs to succeed.