4 Big Heat questions to kick off NBA trade season

Do the Miami Heat need to make a trade and, if so, what position should they be looking to upgrade?
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4. Thomas Bryant and Josh Richardson are now trade-eligible. Should the Heat explore trading either of them?

Josh Richardson, Thomas Bryant
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Dias: It shouldn’t be an obstacle for any trade opportunity, that’s for sure. Bryant is already the fourth option at center, struggling a lot defensively and never looking connected with the team on that end of the floor. Richardson, despite being a feel-good story with his return, is inconsistent with his shot, doesn’t get to the basket, and has trouble against highly skilled guards on defense. If a trade is there, the Heat should take a look at it.

Marshall: Not yet. Let the season play out a bit more with guys like Bryant and Richardson. Their trade market is what it is, and it’s not as if trading either would get a meaningful upgrade in return. If anything, I would wait to replace them with someone on the buyout market.

Meadows: Bryant and Richardson have contributed some good minutes for the Heat this season, but Bryant has struggled defensively – and a backup center to potential DPOY Bam Adebayo who is a liability on defense isn’t going to cut it. On the other hand, Richardson coming back to the team is great, he has played some good defense at times, but he hasn’t found his shot consistently. Ideally, I would love to see the season play out more with Bryant and Richardson, but if there’s a trade that comes along that’s worthwhile, then Miami should explore it. 

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