4 Deals that should have happened at the 2024 NBA trade deadline

What if some NBA teams made different deals at the 2024 NBA trade deadline? Here's what we think should've happened.
Toronto Raptors v New York Knicks
Toronto Raptors v New York Knicks / Sarah Stier/GettyImages
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Every NBA team possessed certain requirements or deficiencies they aimed to solve by making changes in the form of trades by the NBA's Feb. 8 deadline. These needs include offense, defense, size, depth, or anything else that could be addressed.

Despite the absence of any superstar trades made during the trade deadline on Thursday, the week still proved to be captivating. Throughout the league, role players were transferred to different teams, as organizations focused on making minor adjustments rather than major overhauls. But were the right decisions made?

Every NBA Team's Biggest Need at the 2024 Trade Deadline



Atlanta Hawks

Wing defense

Boston Celtics

Bench Size

Brooklyn Nets

Point Guard

Charlotte Hornets

Draft picks

Chicago Bulls

Draft picks

Cleveland Cavaliers

Stretch big

Dallas Mavericks

Perimeter defense

Denver Nuggets

A backup 5

Detroit Pistons

Draft picks

Golden State Warriors

Interior defense

Houston Rockets

Outside shooting

Indiana Pacers


Los Angeles Clippers


Los Angeles Lakers

Offensive weapons

Memphis Grizzlies

Patience (Could maybe use shooters or wings)

Miami Heat

A backup big

Milwaukee Bucks

Wing depth

Minnesota Timberwolves

Backup point guard

New Orleans Pelicans

A backup 5

New York Knicks

Interior depth

Oklahoma City Thunder


Orlando Magic

Outside Shooting

Philadelphia 76ers

Another scorer

Phoenix Suns

Perimeter Defense

Portland Trail Blazers

Draft picks

Sacramento Kings

A backup 1

San Antonio Spurs

Backup point guard

Toronto Raptors


Utah Jazz

Size on the wing

Washington Wizards

Draft picks

Consequently, several frequently mentioned players remained with their respective teams, despite the fact in some cases, it may not have been the best decision. Here are a few trade deals that we believe should have taken place.