4 Guards the Heat should consider drafting with the 15th pick

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With less than a month until the NBA Draft, the Miami Heat are surely trimming down the big board and identifying players who can help them get back to title contention.

While the team has greater needs at other positions, they shouldn't overlook a guard group that includes some interesting prospects with high upside. Plus, if the Heat do end up trading one of their guards, a player on a rookie contract could help add some depth at the position.

Here are four guards the Heat could look at with the 15th pick in the 2024 NBA Draft.

Jared McCain, Duke

Jared McCain is a solid guard prospect who has a lot of tools that would help any team. McCain is a good shooter who can get shots off in various ways. Being a smaller guard, McCain does a good job shooting threes in transition -- having a pull-up game at the next level is crucial.

McCain creates space with a step back and is a savvy ball handler who uses angles and creates contact to free himself with the ball in his hands. McCain can run some pick and roll, be an attacker, or look to find the roll man.

Though he's undersized (6-foot-2), McCain is a hard-nosed defender who looks to get into his opponent's jersey -- on brand for a Duke guy.

McCain isn't the best athlete and his lack of size make it hard for him to finish at the rim, but he makes the most of what he's got. In terms of comparisons, McCain has a very similar game to that of former Miami guard Gabe Vincent.