4 Guards the Heat should consider drafting with the 15th pick

USC v Arizona
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Isaiah Collier, USC

Isaiah Collier looks like a running back playing point guard. At 6-foot-2, 205 pounds, Collier has a wide frame and uses it to get to his spots. He is a good ball handler who dictates what pace he wants to play at due to his strength.

Collier is at his best when he looks to push the ball and use his speed. Collier is most dangerous when he has open space in front of him and can finish at the rim against anyone. He's also a good playmaker who looks to push the ball up the floor to the open man.

But Collier needs to slow down at times. He often finds himself out of control when trying to make plays. Collier has many " right idea" plays but is reckless with his decision.

Collier needs to work on his jump shot and touch. He shot 33.8% from three this past season and isn't consistent with his form. He needs to work on his floater game as well.

Defensively, Collier has the tools to be a strong defender but this past season's effort didn't show the level of engagement NBA teams hope for. Collier would be an upside pick for Miami.