4 Guards the Heat should consider drafting with the 15th pick

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Carlton Carrington

Carlton Carrington is a throwback prospect. He doesn't have much of a three-point shot but lives in the mid-range. He is a tough shot-maker and, for a team in need of offense like the Heat, could provide some upside.

Carrington might top out as a sixth man in the NBA. He is a good ball-handler who can run some offense and there isn't a tough shot that Carrington won't take -- step-backs, off-balance, and highly contested.

The problem is that he relied on his jump shot too much, doesn't handle defensive pressure well and hardly ever gets to the rim. He also rarely steps behind the three-point line. Carrington is too predictable from his mid-range heavy attack.

Adding strength, a three-pointer, and improving his handle will improve his game.