4 Heat players who failed to meet expectations this season

Who on the Heat’s roster is to blame for failed expectations this season? We rank them below. 
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4. Thomas Bryant

The Miami Heat signed center Thomas Bryant in the recent offseason for support during Bam Adebayo's absence due to injury. Despite having their All-Star center out of commission early into the season, with veteran Kevin Love stepping up as last year's reliable backup, the Heat have adapted well. Initially, Bryant’s backup role diminished, yet he's maximized his playtime, particularly amidst injuries, embodying the Heat's "next man up" ethos with leadership on and off the court.

Standing tall, Bryant is a top-league rebounder, grabbing 17% of all rebounds and 24.6% of defensive ones last season with the Lakers and Nuggets, aiding Miami's quick defense transition and offense. However, what's most captivating about Bryant's game is his exceptional outside shooting skills. For a center, his outside shooting prowess is notable; boasting a 36.6% career average from the three-point line. Over six seasons, Bryant made 118 successful shots out of 322 attempts beyond the arc.

When on the move, Bryant prefers to trail the play and position himself on the 3-point line showcasing his proficiency in long-range shooting. Despite seeing a glimpse this season, the backup center is not showcasing this strength of his half as much as he should. Bryant's aggressive play, including dunking and screening for better pick-and-pop opportunities, can be utilized more.

Under a two-year, $5.3 million deal, Bryant faces the challenge of overcoming defensive weaknesses that have seen him move across four teams in three seasons. Despite these hurdles, the Heat, known for player development, sees potential in Bryant to grow, especially in physical play, defensive improvement, and shooting.

At 6’10", his physicality and ability to stretch the floor align with Miami's values, supported by teammates like Butler and Adebayo to bolster his development. To maintain his spot on the Heat roster, Bryant must enhance his defense, increase 3-point attempts, evolve into a pick-and-pop threat, and adopt a more aggressive rim-attack approach.

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