4 Players the Heat need to replace Tyler Herro

Can Josh Richardson, Kyle Lowry and Duncan Robinson do enough to replace Tyler Herro, or do the Miami Heat need help from other sources, too?
Miami Heat v Memphis Grizzlies
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2. Dru Smith

Dru Smith
This is a big chance for Dru Smith to get more gametime. / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages

Dru Smith hasn't made much of an impact in his limited playing time this season, but an injury in the starting five opens the door for him to make a mark.

It’s still early days for the 25-year-old and despite some likely sighs from fans when Erik Spoelstra deployed him against the Grizzlies, it was one of the more well-rounded performances he's shown thus far. Four rebounds (double his current average), one assist, one block and one steal in 15 minutes on the court is not bad going.

Miami’s backup point guard isn’t likely to close any shooting gaps left behind by Herro, but he needs to be assertive in taking shots when they are available. He's averaging just 7.8 field goal attempts per 36 minutes. Smith can't by shy to let it fly.

With such limited time on the court, it’s still too early to judge where Smith fits into the system. However, these are precisely the moments when he can showcase his talents and carve out a role.