4 Potential Heat free agent targets with ties to Jimmy Butler

There are a handful of Jimmy Butler's former teammates that could be available this summer and make sense for the Miami Heat to target.
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Boban Marjanovic

Another former teammate back in Butler’s Philadelphia tenure set to become an unrestricted free agent is Boban Marjanovic. The two have always had a good relationship off the court, where Butler has made that known over social media throughout the years. This is someone that could make some sense for Miami as a vet-minimum pickup. 

Marjanovic hasn’t received consistent playing time over his last few seasons, but he brings a true seven-footer presence and good locker room personality to the table. Listed at 7-foot-4 with a 7-foot-10 wingspan, the veteran big man could provide some insurance in coach Erik Spoelstra’s center rotation. For his career, he has shot an efficient 57.8% from the field.

He could also be valuable in mentoring fellow Serbian youngster Nikola Jovic. The Heat sophomore Jovic earned his way into the everyday starting power forward for Miami this season. Perhaps Marjanovic's ties with Butler could also help with his cultural ties with Jovic. 

If there’s one thing Marjanovic can teach him, it’s how to rebound the ball. But more importantly, this is a more personal discounted acquisition that would make Butler happy.