4 Role players on eliminated teams the Heat should target this summer

Golden State Warriors v Miami Heat
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The Miami Heat are in the playoffs and have their hands full game-planning for a top-seeded Boston Celtics team in the first round while missing star player Jimmy Butler. But while the Heat extend their season, 14 other teams enter offseason mode.

Those eliminated teams have several free agents that could be a fit for the Heat when they eventually do start exploring their free-agent options.

Here are four free agents on eliminated teams the Miami Heat should target this offseason.

4. Klay Thompson

It is unclear what role Klay Thompson sees himself in going forward. If he wants to be a great bench player for the second half of his career, Thompson should consider signing with the Miami Heat.

Thompson does have ties to Pat Riley. Thompson's father, Mychal Thompson, won two championships playing for Riley.

Thompson could be this team's version of Ray Allen during the Big Three era. Thompson isn’t the player he used to be, but he can still be valuable to a win-now team. Due to the injury, Thompson’s defense and shooting accurately aren’t as consistent as they once were. But he can still get hot from three on the proper night.

The thing to look out for is what the Thompson market will be. Will teams view him as a starter, or will teams see him as a bench piece? If he sees himself as an important bench piece, then Miami should be on his short list of teams.