4 Stars who could get traded to the Heat this summer, including 1 big surprise

In the NBA, the next big star trade is always just around the corner.

Minnesota Timberwolves v Atlanta Hawks
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Brandon Ingram

Zion Williamson, Brandon Ingram
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The same ballooning payroll concerns that the Timberwolves have also applies to the New Orleans Pelicans, who similarly have three expensive stars and young players who will need raises soon.

This formula for a small-market team almost always leads to a trade of one of those stars. Zion Williamson and Brandon Ingram's fit has been clunky from the start, and the Pelicans may have to choose one as early as this summer.

Even though questions about Zion’s future in New Orleans began popping up last summer, he still represents the Pelicans’ only chance to leap to contending status. Ingram is a very good player, but he’s not quite the same ceiling-raiser as Zion. Plus, the Pelicans have plenty of options to backfill him on the perimeter, including Trey Murphy III, Herb Jones and Dyson Daniels.

The Pelicans could get a lot back from Ingram if they were to make him available. 

For the Heat, Ingram would add much-needed scoring and length to the perimeter and give them a successor to Butler as a wing next to Adebayo.