4 Trade scenarios Heat must prepare for this offseason

Miami should be making preparations for these trades to go down this summer.

Caleb Martin, Miami Heat
Caleb Martin, Miami Heat / Kyle Ross-USA TODAY Sports
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The Miami Heat are likely to be in the playoffs once again, and there is no telling how far they can go. After two straight deep playoff runs including an improbable run to the NBA Finals last season, there is no telling what is in store once the postseason rolls around.

Jimmy Butler's star power will theoretically give the Heat a chance against any opponent, but it is clear that Miami's front office has some work to do going forward. Sure, this team is an excellent playoff performer, but they should not be finishing in the play-in range at the end of the regular season two years in a row.

There are certain moves the Heat's front office should be preparing for as the summer gets closer and closer.

Trading Tyler Herro

Many will scoff at this notion, but Tyler Herro is more expendable than a lot of fans may believe. After winning Sixth Man of the Year two seasons ago, Herro's injury luck has kept him off the floor for several significant stretches.

The most important, of course, was last year's playoff run. After playing 19 minutes in game one of the postseason against Milwaukee, he went down with a fractured right hand. The Heat were able to win three playoff rounds without his contributions.

I am not advocating for Miami to 100% get him out of town, but the possibility of trading Herro must be considered. The Heat's title window will not be open forever, and they will need players capable of staying healthy for longer stretches.