4 Trade scenarios Heat must prepare for this offseason

Miami should be making preparations for these trades to go down this summer.
Caleb Martin, Miami Heat
Caleb Martin, Miami Heat / Kyle Ross-USA TODAY Sports
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Bringing in Tyus Jones

When it comes to on-court needs, one priority that should be near the top of the Heat's list is a point guard. They have one of the slowest offensive paces in the NBA and have needed a true point guard to get their best offensive players the ball.

Terry Rozier has been a nice addition who has contributed more on-ball scoring since the deadline, but Miami would really benefit from having a traditional distributing point guard. There is arguably no one in the league who fits into that category more neatly than Tyus Jones.

The veteran floor general has gotten his first opportunity as a full-time starter this year in Washington, and he has put on a show all season long. While many have likely missed out on watching him perform at a high level this year due to him playing on a losing team, Tyus has impressed with career-high averages in points, assists, and three-point percentage.

Jones is as steady as they come, and he currently leads the NBA in assist to turnover ratio by a wide margin. He is in first place with a 7.3 ratio, while Chris Paul ranks second with a 5.7. There is no doubt the Wizards would want a haul in order to give him up, but the Heat should seriously consider making a push.