4 Trade scenarios Heat must prepare for this offseason

Miami should be making preparations for these trades to go down this summer.

Caleb Martin, Miami Heat
Caleb Martin, Miami Heat / Kyle Ross-USA TODAY Sports
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Getting a good return for Caleb Martin

When it comes to positional needs, Miami is considerably deep at wing. They currently employ Jimmy Butler, Josh Richardson, Jaime Jaquez, Haywood Highsmith and Caleb Martin, who can all play at either small forward or power forward. So it makes sense that one of more of those guys could become expendable as the Heat look to make moves this summer.

Out of all these wings, the player that might make the most sense to move is Caleb Martin. He is currently on an expiring contract, and will have a player option for next season. The question is whether or not the Heat will feel strongly about paying him to keep him around for the long haul.

Caleb has been solid for Miami this year, but based on the needs of the team, it would probably make more sense to move on from him. If the Heat opted to try to re-sign him, they would likely end up overpaying or possibly even lose him for nothing if he signs with another team.

As such, they should be searching for the best deal they can find to move Martin sooner rather than later. Three-and-D wings like him are always in demand around the league, so it is unlikely a suitor would not be found.