4 Trade scenarios Heat must prepare for this offseason

Miami should be making preparations for these trades to go down this summer.

Caleb Martin, Miami Heat
Caleb Martin, Miami Heat / Kyle Ross-USA TODAY Sports
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Donovan Mitchell leaving Cleveland

Another situation the Heat should be preparing for is one that does not even involve trading one of their own players. Donovan Mitchell is one of the hottest names in trade rumors right now, with talks surfacing that he may or may not want to stay with the Cleveland Cavaliers past the current season.

Mitchell has been excellent with the Cavs, but many think he may want to go play for his hometown team in the Knicks. Doing so would dramatically change the balance of power in the East. New York is already a top five team in the East, and would theoretically become significantly better with the likes of Mitchell joining them.

On one hand, the Heat can approach this situation from the perspective of pursuing Donovan themselves. With his dynamic scoring and playmaking ability, Mitchell could be an excellent co-star for Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo.

And on the other hand, Miami can begin to think about what will happen if Donovan leaves Cleveland and does not join the Heat. His departure from the Cavs would be a big shake-up to the balance of power in the East, and would open up even more avenues for the Heat to rise back to the top of the conference next season.