5 Games that gave Miami Heat fans a glimpse into the future

Philadelphia 76ers v Miami Heat
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4. Adebayo sinks the game-winning three vs Pistons

Bam Adebayo, Terry Rozier
Miami Heat v Detroit Pistons / Gregory Shamus/GettyImages

The biggest growth of Bam Adebayo's offensive game was attempting a three or more a game in the final stretch of the season as Adebayo attempted at least one three in 15 of the final 17 regular season games.

Prior to Miami's thrilling victory against the Detroit Pistons, Adebayo made a three in two straight games which raised some eyebrows. But this shot from Adebayo was put on a massive spotlight with Adebayo's lone three-point attempt going in at the buzzer, giving Miami a 104-101 win versus Detroit.

Adebayo is an exceptional screen-and-roll big and has proven he can initiate Miami's offense in multiple actions. Now with Adebayo showing he is comfortable shooting beyond the arc, it's highly likely that we will see more clutch threes made by Adebayo in the future.