5 Heat players at risk of being traded this summer

Miami Heat Introduce LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade
Miami Heat Introduce LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade / Doug Benc/GettyImages
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The Miami Heat will surely be making changes this offseason. This is the fifth season of the Tyler Herro-Jimmy Butler-Adebayo trio and it hasn’t resulted in a championship thus far.

And not many have them expected to win the title this season. Anything short of a championship will surely prompt Pat Riley to shoot his shot at a star.

Hell, Riley would be enamored with the idea of adding a star even if the Heat did win the title.

Adding a third banana could prove to be easy, as the Heat are armed with assets. Let’s get into which players could be moved in the summer.

5 Heat players at risk of being dealt this summer

5. Nikola Jovic

Nikola Jovic hasn’t quite found his niche on the Heat, despite showing flashes of promise through his first two seasons. Jovic is by far the youngest player on the Heat and needs time to develop and progress into a regular rotation player for Erik Spoelstra.

He’s displayed the intangibles: the attention to detail, discipline, and non-stop effort. And he’s always ready for the moment. He’s struggled to put it together on the defensive end, which happens with young players.

But he’s shown the ability to become a knockdown shooter, as he’s shooting 45.3 percent from deep, albeit on 2.6 attempts.

The Heat could be forced to include Jovic in a deal this summer, as he’s a young, promising player who could materialize into a starter, if given the opportunity. That best opportunity might be in a different uniform.