5 Heat players at risk of being traded this summer

Miami Heat Introduce LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade
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4. Caleb Martin

Caleb Martin is quietly having one of his best seasons across the board in 2023-24. Martin has always been a spark plug off the bench, but his scoring is at a career-best 10.1 points, despite playing fewer minutes than last season.

His field goal attempts are at a career-best 8.6 shots, and his long-range shooting is slightly better than last season on essentially the same amount of attempts. And his playmaking has improved slightly.

All told, Martin has been a solid player for Heat coach Erik Spoelstra during his three years with the team. However, he’s been far from irreplaceable.

And his microwave ability off the bench makes him valuable across the league, as every team would love a player who can shoot as well as Martin on their second unit.

Trading him could be tricky this summer, as he holds a player option of $7.1 million for next season. And he wouldn’t really have any incentive to opt in just to facilitate a deal.

However, he could agree to a sign-and-trade, which would give him leverage and essentially allow him to pick his next team, paving the way for a potential three-team deal.