5 Heat players at risk of being traded this summer

Miami Heat Introduce LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade
Miami Heat Introduce LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade / Doug Benc/GettyImages
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1. Terry Rozier

The Heat found themselves in need of a scoring punch and made the decision to trade for Terry Rozier earlier in the season. Granted, Rozier is a step back from Miami's prior targets, but he was still a valuable add.

On paper.

On the court, it hasn't quite worked out thus far. Rozier is averaging 13.7 points on a measly 37.6 percent from the field (his lowest since 2016-17), 23.7 percent from deep (his lowest since his rookie season), and 47.8 percent true shooting (also his lowest since 2016-17).

Rozier is shooting 25 percent on catch-and-shoot threes and 22.2 percent on pull-up threes.

Again, it hasn't quite worked out. And that's a polite way to put it.

As Pat Riley will be seeking to add a legitimate third star, Rozier could be a throw-in to a deal, as he's owed $24.9 million in 2024-25, which would be necessary salary filler for a star likely making north of $30 million. 

Speaking of contracts, Rozier's contract structure makes him a surefire candidate for trade this summer, as his 2025-26 number is partially guaranteed. Rozier would have to play in at least 70 games in any of the 2022-23, 2023-24, or 2024-25 seasons in addition to seeing his team make the second round of the playoffs for the deal to become guaranteed in the final year.

Thus far, he played in 63 games in 2022-23, and will miss the number this season also, as the Heat only have 23 games remaining and he's only played 42 games this season. In other words, it's highly likely that next season will be the last guaranteed year on his deal, making him essentially an expiring contract in the summer. 

This makes him valuable as a trade chip, regardless of how well or poorly he plays for the Heat.