5 Miami Heat players immediately impacted by the team's draft picks

The Miami Heat's draft picks, Kel'el Ware and Pelle Larsson, could be ready to make an instant impact. Which players on the team could be affected?
Boston Celtics v Miami Heat - Game Three
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Nikola Jovic 

Nikola Jovic burst onto the scene this year as a regular starter at power forward next to Adebayo. Injuries paved the way for this promotion, and he showed plenty of development signs. Jovic shot an impressive 40% from 3-point range, a big increase from his rookie-year percentage of 22.9%.

His ball handling, length on both ends and ability to push the pace added an intriguing element to Spoelstra’s lineups with his length. Not to mention he made it easier for Adebayo to be more free on defensive matchups. It is unclear if Ware will immediately take Jovic's spot in the starting lineup, even though the Heat envision the rookie playing alongside Adebayo at some point.

However, there is a solid chance that could unfold throughout the next season over time. And if that’s the case, Jovic might be moved to a bench role. Regardless, he is going to have to perform well at training camp and pre-season to prove he is still making strides as a starting player with a 7-footer option like Ware around now.